Alberta Data Partnerships has created Open Data Areas Alberta (ODAA) to put extensive data in the hands of those who can use it. Datasets from six key areas across Alberta are available for no cost and under Alberta's Open Government Licence. These include earth observation, remote sensing, geospatial data, environmental data, and social and economic datasets from private industry and government.

Who we are

Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) is a non-profit, public-private partnership created to provide long-term management of comprehensive digital data sets for our stakeholders.

Governed by a board of directors, ADP has the core purpose of maintaining and promoting the broadest possible distribution of provincial digital mapping that meets the immediate needs of the Alberta market.

Through the Mapping Data Agreement with the Government of Alberta and other key contracts with data creators, ADP is committed to making Alberta’s base mapping infrastructure more available, accessible, accurate, and affordable. ADP operates in a joint venture agreement with an operating partner, Altalis Ltd. The Altalis website is the medium through which users can access data sets. ADP also has a contract with Abacus Datagraphics to deliver Public Lands survey plans through its Badgr application.

News and Events

CANCELLED – In-person Stakeholder Sessions Announced for Edmonton and Calgary!
September 19, 2022

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our stakeholder sessions for November 2022. But we will get back...

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Stakeholder Session Materials Now Available
December 3, 2021

Thanks again to all who were able to attend the November 16 Stakeholder Session. Below are links to ...

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Alberta Data Partnerships is governed by a board of directors who reflect the needs of the province of Alberta and its industries. The board is made up of representatives from the Government of Alberta, utility companies, municipalities, forestry, oil and gas, and other stakeholder associations.

Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Jason Schneider
Director, District 1

Alberta Chamber of Resources

Stephen Rawlinson
President, ADP
Vice President, Americas
STATS Group International


Kerri MacKay, Strategic Planner
Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Utility Safety Partners

Sher Kirk
Operations Manager

Alberta Municipalities

Horacio Galanati
City Manager, Airdrie

Alberta Energy Regulator

Andrew Beaton
Vice President,
Alberta Geological Survey Branch


Dean Campbell
Manager, Graphics and Records Management
Natural Gas Division


Richard Wong
Vice-President, Regulatory and Operations

FORTIS Alberta

Lauren Booth
Manager, Data Integrity & GIS


Michael Dorland
Director, Planning & Engineering

Government of Alberta

Nancy Wu
Executive Director – Operational Services Branch
Strategy and Governance Division
Alberta Environment and Protected Areas


Erik Holmlund
Executive Director

As executive director, Erik is responsible for building relationships between Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) and its stakeholders, including the key partnerships with the Government of Alberta, Altalis, Abacus Datagraphics and MNC Ltd. Under his leadership, ADP will work to develop accountabilities, increase the number of ADP licensed data sets, provide financial oversight, and implement project metrics to strengthen ADP’s sustainability and its ability to meet the mandate that ADP has with all its stakeholders and the people of Alberta. Erik, along with the president of ADP, serve on the Joint Venture Management Committee of Altalis.

What We Do


We ensure key geospatial data sets are complete and accurate.


We connect the creators and users of geospatial data.


We create a forum for discussion around geospatial data.

Contact Us

To learn more about Alberta Data Partnerships and how we can help you, contact Erik.

10665 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1400
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3S9