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Unfortunately we have had to cancel our stakeholder sessions for November 2022. But we will get back together in 2023.

Thanks again to all who were able to attend the November 16 Stakeholder Session. Below are links to material for review. See you in 2022!

ADP Stakeholder Session – Presentation

ADP Stakeholder Session – Altalis Presentation

November 16 2021 ADP Stakeholder Engagement Session Notes

Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP) and the City of Edmonton are pleased to jointly announce an agreement to have ADP maintain and distribute Cadastral and Titles Mapping for data within the Edmonton municipal boundary.

The City of Edmonton supports this change as it offers many benefits, including saving money for Edmontonians, reducing red tape for the private sector and unifying their approach to managing a crucial information asset. For ADP, this change will provide our stakeholders with seamless Cadastral and Titles Mapping for the Edmonton Municipal Region from one source.

Cadastral and Titles Mapping is a core dataset in the province for governments of all levels, the developer community, emergency response organizations, and many types of industry. By partnering with ADP, Edmonton has now joined a number of other Alberta municipalities to offer this streamlined data mapping. This strategic partnership will maintain service levels while improving efficiency for both the City and data stakeholders since they can now access this data in a single predictable way for most of Alberta. Further, this change strengthens ADP’s position as a leader in the maintenance and distribution of authoritative and accurate land information in Alberta while aligning with the City of Edmonton’s goals for efficient, effective, and innovative service delivery.

Please note that the City of Edmonton will continue to maintain assessment and holding parcel information, along with managing municipal addressing, utility information, and other base layers.

Altalis, ADP’s joint venture data distribution partner, has the data available as of November 1, 2021 at Alternatively, you could contact Leah Lilley, Altalis’ Data Centre Manager, at to start the licensing process or if you have any questions.

Alberta Data Partnerships will be holding an online Stakeholder Session on November 16 to provide an update on completed and ongoing projects, as well as answer any stakeholder questions. Please use the link below to register:

The Registered Interests on Titled Land (RITL) concept is described as the visualization of interests present on a Alberta Land Title certificate which has a spatial reference including caveats, right of ways, restricted covenants and easements, discharges, surface rights and right of entry. These may be described spatially through a plan of survey, sketch plan, descriptive plan or through metes and bounds description. Essentially, it would tell you who own the facilities on a parcel of land.

This type of spatial data product has been needed and advocated for by the stakeholders at Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) Stakeholder Sessions and External Advisory Group meetings since 2006. In 2017, ADP completed a Benchmark Project which proved the viability of the RITL mapping initiative. Following discussions with key stakeholders, including Municipal Affairs, a Discovery Report was completed in the summer of 2018 to address questions and concerns that arose, primarily around existing data sources and their applicability to the requirements that have been demonstrated by our stakeholders
The results of these reports clearly demonstrated the need for this data product and that there is no existing alternative that would meet the needs of ADP’s stakeholders for:

– Reducing duplication of data to significantly increase efficiency and drastically decrease cost for data compilation across all sectors;
– Visualization of interests on the land that does not currently exist for Titled Land and can facilitate simpler communication; and
– Broad access to a common, authoritative and accurate dataset that will improve engagement with stakeholders and partners.

Following discussions with Municipal Affairs upon the completion of the Discovery Report, a Community Grant Agreement was completed and the Pilot Project kicked off in the Spring of 2019. The Sundre area (below) was chosen for the Project and mapping RITL data took place in 2020 and early 2021. The work included:

Total Title Mapped
10,842 (count includes those parcels with and without RITL interests)

Total distinct Registered Interests that are RITL types Mapped

Total distinct Registered Interests that are CAVE or UTRW types Mapped

ADP Area

Stakeholders were engaged throughout the process as part of an Advisory Committee that met throughout the project timeline. In addition, customers of Altalis were invited to participate in an online survey from February 24 – March 8, 2021 to share their business needs related to a RITL mapping data product. 133 respondents provided value feedback to the project.

Lessons learned (bolded) and recommendations coming out of the report include:

Mapping each title and associated interests individually in time/cost prohibitive
Recommendation: Map interests (i.e., well-site, pipeline, etc.) rather Title-based approach

Many Interests are not mappable
Recommendation: Focus on Caveats and Utility Rights of Way in initial phase

Acquiring Titles and associated documents were very time consuming (i.e., a few documents only available via fax, no bulk downloads)
Recommendation: Work with LTO to automate

Mapping all Interests from scratch is time/cost prohibitive
Recommendation: Engage with Land Surveying community to determine how to leverage existing data

Data must be available in a timely manner for maintenance
Recommendation: Work with AER to determine a method to access data as part of the OneStop regulatory process

ADP will be funding further projects based on some of the recommendations in order to determine the viability of a provincial-wide roll out.

ADP and Alberta Economic Development & Trade announce the latest round of ODAA funding here: ODAA Project Funding

Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) has completed the Stakeholder Session Report resulting from the participation and feedback from 160 participants in Edmonton and Calgary. While the focus of the sessions was the concept of Registered Interests on Titled Lands, presenters also touched on the history and current operations of ADP and the Open Data Areas Alberta ( project. We invite all interested parties to review the report and provide any questions or comments to

ADP Stakeholder Session Report

Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. is committed to our Vision of “Making Alberta’s spatial data more comprehensive and accessible” and part of that is to clearly state our alignment for Canada’s Open Data Principles  and the Government of Alberta’s Open Information and Open Data Policy. These principles policies align with our Values and support our Strategic Priorities and allow us to better serve our stakeholders.

ADP is happy is share our Open Data Policy.

Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP) would like to invite all interested stakeholders to attend a day of discovery and discussion in Edmonton on December 6, 2017 and Calgary on December 13, 2017. Topics will include

  • the Open Data Areas Alberta initiative,
  • a look back at ADP’s activities over the last three years since the last Stakeholder Session,
  • a government and/or industry perspective on Alberta’s evolving regulatory landscape, and
  • a workshop focused on the next steps of the Registered Interests on Titles Land (RITL) concept – a spatial record of surface activities on titled land in Alberta.

Register Here.

In 2015, Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP) released an RFP to conduct a review of Canadian provincial mapping systems and those of selected international jurisdictions. After a review of proposals, MMM Group was selected to conduct the report. This included developing a survey, receiving responses and creating the report.

ADP is releasing an abridged version of that report. The reasoning for providing an shortened version is that the removed section of the report relates to a report completed for ADP and Altalis in 2005 that was created for internal purposes rather than for public information.

As a note, not all information in the report may be accurate today, as the survey was completed in 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact ADP.

Abridged ADP Jurisdictional Scan

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