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ADP and Alberta Economic Development & Trade announce the latest round of ODAA funding here: ODAA Project Funding


Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP), in collaboration with Alberta Economic Development and Trade, has created the Open Data Area Alberta (ODAA) initiative to support Alberta small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the pre-commercial development of technology-based tools that leverage open data sets to meet the needs of industry and/or government. The initiative provides grant funding of up to $100,000 and no-cost access to commercial and government data. Past recipients of the ODAA Grant Funding have been GeoAnalytic Inc, SensorUp Inc and Waterline Resources.

The second round of Open Data Areas Alberta (ODAA) Challenges are now online. The deadline for this round of applications in June 28, 2018 and interested proponents can download the Grant Application Form.

Alberta Data Partnerships recognizes the support of the government and commercial data providers for their support to provide high-value data sets to the project and making it available to ODAA users at no-cost through an Open Data Licence.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erik Holmlund at

Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) has completed the Stakeholder Session Report resulting from the participation and feedback from 160 participants in Edmonton and Calgary. While the focus of the sessions was the concept of Registered Interests on Titled Lands, presenters also touched on the history and current operations of ADP and the Open Data Areas Alberta ( project. We invite all interested parties to review the report and provide any questions or comments to

ADP Stakeholder Session Report

Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. is committed to our Vision of “Making Alberta’s spatial data more comprehensive and accessible” and part of that is to clearly state our alignment for Canada’s Open Data Principles  and the Government of Alberta’s Open Information and Open Data Policy. These principles policies align with our Values and support our Strategic Priorities and allow us to better serve our stakeholders.

ADP is happy is share our Open Data Policy.

Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP) would like to invite all interested stakeholders to attend a day of discovery and discussion in Edmonton on December 6, 2017 and Calgary on December 13, 2017. Topics will include

  • the Open Data Areas Alberta initiative,
  • a look back at ADP’s activities over the last three years since the last Stakeholder Session,
  • a government and/or industry perspective on Alberta’s evolving regulatory landscape, and
  • a workshop focused on the next steps of the Registered Interests on Titles Land (RITL) concept – a spatial record of surface activities on titled land in Alberta.

Register Here.

In 2015, Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP) released an RFP to conduct a review of Canadian provincial mapping systems and those of selected international jurisdictions. After a review of proposals, MMM Group was selected to conduct the report. This included developing a survey, receiving responses and creating the report.

ADP is releasing an abridged version of that report. The reasoning for providing an shortened version is that the removed section of the report relates to a report completed for ADP and Altalis in 2005 that was created for internal purposes rather than for public information.

As a note, not all information in the report may be accurate today, as the survey was completed in 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact ADP.

Abridged ADP Jurisdictional Scan

Stop by our booth at GeoAlberta on March 21 and 22 to have a chat and check out the data available from Open Data Areas Alberta and other open data providers.

After a competitive and open RFP process, Abacus Datagraphics Ltd. was awarded a contract by Alberta Data Partnerships to develop an application to replace the existing Plan Distribution System (PetroSurveys) which is used to distribute the public lands plans on behalf of the Alberta Government.

The application, BADGR, has been released. Users will find significant improvements in the web interface including a browser agnostic map search tool and simplified order form. Over the next few months features such as e-commerce and an API to make ordering plans even easier will be added to the application.

Users will also find the cost of ordering a plan has been reduced significantly from $15 to $3, although a plan must be paid for each time it is ordered.

This initiative supports the Strategic Priorities found in our 2016 -2021 Strategic Plan and will provide significant value to our private and public sector stakeholders.

Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP), in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, have created the Open Data Area Alberta (ODAA) initiative to provide no-cost access to commercial and government data. ADP will also offer SMEs and industry grants for pre-commercial development of technology-based tools utilizing the data provided through the ODAA website and focused on the needs of industry and/or government.

Please visit to browse and download data, and review the pre-commercialization funding opportunities.

Following a competitive RFP process, MNC Ltd. was selected by ADP as the contractor responsible for updating and maintaining the Disposition Mapping, or DIDs, product. The decision was made by a selection committee of selected ADP Board Members, Government of Alberta and independent consultants. The contract terms were implemented on October 1, 2016 and AltaLIS will continue to manage the distribution of DIDs.

ADP looks forward to working MNC and continuing to support our customers and stakeholders meeting their business needs.

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